Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pay No Cigarette Tax!

Smokers, until laws can be changed there is one way, and only one way to beat the corrupt politicians and those who would take away you right and put their greedy hands deeper and deeper into your pockets. Grow your own, yes grow you own Tobacco. Tobacco plants are lovely and will fit into the decor of any backyard and can even be grown in large planter. Save hundreds of dollars each year and maybe even thousands if you smoke a lot. I'm not qualified to tell you how to grow the wonderful tobacco leaf, but I can recommend a great site to help you get started and to ask questions and get answers. Go to Grow Tobacco , and you will have taken the first step toward "Tax Free" tobacco. Some additional links on tobacco growing:Rustic Girls , How to Grow Tobacco , Gardening Guides

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