Monday, July 13, 2009

Smoker's Rights & Your Rights

Often I hear many say I don't care if the raise taxes on tobacco---I don't smoke! I don't care if they stop people from smoking in public---I don't smoke! I simply don't worry about smokers rights---I don't smoke! Well I don't own a gun---why should I care about gun-owners rights! And I don't drink cokes---why should I worry about higher taxes on soft drinks! I don't make $200,000 ---so why should I worry about taxes on those who do! I don't drive a big car---so why should I worry about the government imposing small cars on people! Finally, I'm a Republican---why should I worry if they stop Democrats from voting!
Listen my friend the smokers and drinkers today and the world tomorrow. Everyone must be protected against government intrusions or no one can be. Wake up and read the writing on the walls. Tomorrow they will be coming for you and your likes, your habits will be deemed harmful and taxed to death or even outlawed. Justice for everyone or justice for none. This is America and we all are Americans---the smoker, the drinker, the candy eater, the fried chicken lover, the dog lover, the big car lover, and yes even the Democratic Party lover. We all have things we enjoy that others may not. We don't want to take away their likes or excessively tax them and we certainly don't need them doing that to us.